Vue.js – Brief Details

The good stuff:

First of all, not many had faith that Vue JS would ever become a big competitor to React JS when it comes to major companies adopting it, but it was impossible to ignore Vue JS now even sending Angular JS a bit into the shadows in terms of developer prospects.

In the coming time, we’re about to embark on an intense time filled with a lot of excitement for Vue JS.
But let’s not forget React JS still has the backing of one of the powerful companies in the world, not to mention some incredibly talented implementers. Both core teams also collaborate and inspire one another.

So what’s giving Vue JS the perfect spotlight?

(Vue is doing all the things that make developers really happy )

. It is lightweight

. It is easy to learn

. It has incredible tooling

. It has great state management and routing built-in (!), etc.

Vue’s community certainly isn’t as large as React yet, but communities grow based on whether the core team has great ambassadors and listens to its community both of which are in place.

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