Top WordPress Lead Generation Plug-ins To Boost Your Business Sales

When it comes to online marketing strategies, the top priority should always be lead generation. A lead represents a contact such as a person or a company, which has shown sufficient interest in your products and services that it can be transformed into a paying customer. Although having a professional looking website which resonates with potential customers is fairly important, it’s more important to convert those potential customers into loyal clients. Fortunately, there more than enough WordPress plug-ins which are excellent for generating and converting website leads into clients and loyal customers.


Previously known as Scroll Triggered Boxes, Boxzilla is a lightweight WordPress plug-in used for creating pop-up and slide-in call-to-action boxes at any time and screen position you want. The boxes themselves can be filled with any content, including a MailChimp sign-up forms or social media sharing buttons. You can choose between different triggers such as after scrolling down, manually clicking on a button or a link, exit intent, number of page views, specific time on site, etc. The core plug-in can be downloaded for free, but if you want a complete access to all of the premium features Boxzilla offers, you have to pay USD6 per month or USD60 per year for personal use, and USD20 per month or USD 200 per year for developer use. The premium package offers additional functionality, as well as further development options which are available through several, premium add-ons.


LeadBoxer is an exceptional tool used for collecting information and getting a better understanding of how people view your website. It allows you to see the names of specific business visiting your pages, as well as the services and products they’re most interested. This plug-in puts faces to normally anonymous visitors, which creates additional insight regarding your traffic. This is accomplished by measuring both logins and anonymous traffic and using an algorithm to identify the leads and further enrich them with company details. It is a very good tool for lead generation and all users are welcome to try out the free trial and if you like how it works, you can choose between four different packages depending on your advertising budget: Startup, Scale-up, Grown-up or Enterprise Grade package.


Made by Hubspot, this free lead generation plugin is aimed bloggers and small businesses. It’s fairly easy to setup and it allows for efficient contact management using lead capture forms and marketing analytics. Leadin can track the behaviours of your visitors and makes it easy for website owners to create the best opportunity for subsequent conversion. Once the visitor is converted, it further adds them to a contact list and even manufactures a report detailing their history. Additionally, Leadin works extremely well with LeadBoxer, so make sure to install them both for optimal results.


An excellent tool for increasing your email list, OptinMonster uses forms, popups, sidebars and widgets in order to acquire visitor information. It comes equipped with a variety of templates you can choose from and it’s compatible with most providers of email marketing, including Aweber, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Infusionsoft, MailChimp, among others. You can optimize existing forms and test their particular efficiency in converting visitors into subscribers and customers. It’s a professional analytical system which can be fully customized to your liking. OptinMonster is a premium plug-in, however, the cost is fairly low compared to its efficiency.


Another plug-in for generating email lists, Sumome also comes equipped with a tool for analyzing heat maps, pop-ups, and social sharing. It’s ideal for content interactions, as it allows you to create a fully customizable popup button which can later be added to literally any part of your website. It also offers in-depth statistic regarding the efficiency of your lead generating campaign. Although most functions are free, some need to be paid for in order to get the most out of this plug-in. It’s fully responsive too.  This makes it a superb addition to any website, as it will look amazing even on mobile devices.

WordPress Call to Action

As the name implies, WordPress Call to Action is a fantastic plug-in used for adding call-to-action buttons on your blog or website. The buttons can be strategically placed in various locations, depending on your website’s design features. Furthermore, it offers the capability of A/B testing of all templates, which is particularly useful for customization and necessary tweaking in order to additionally improve the website conversion rates. People generally use it to entice blog readers into starting their free product trial, downloading an e-book and for featured blog post promotion. WordPress Call to Action pricing plans come with a 30-day money back guarantee, with the price ranging from USD 10 per month for the Starter package to USD 45 per month for the more advanced, Agency package.


Whether you’re a blogger, small business owner or simply a hobbyist you simply must incorporate lead generation if you wish to grow your audience base and ultimately, increase your sales. Granted, having a professional looking website for attracting customers is important, but converting potential customers into leads is equally, if not more important. It used to be a difficult job, but now it can easily be accomplished by using some of these WordPress’ lead generating plug-ins. They all provide reviews and testimonials from satisfied users, as well as support information regarding installation and use.




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