SEO blunders that You Should Avoid for Your Business Websites

While optimizing your website, there are various type of errors you should avoid otherwise it will surely downgrade your ranking in the search index list. You can even hire reputed SEO professionals who take care of all these critical jobs thus saving you from any stress as well as loss. Following points will boast ten mistakes you should avoid:

Placement of inappropriate keywords

The prime mistake that you should avoid is that placing inappropriate keywords in the website which brings down the quality. There are people who often add irrelevant keywords to their site to increase, but it is a wrong move. You should always add a relevant keyword in your site as a lot of things depends on these keywords that are mostly used by viewers while they type in the search engine.

Do not stick one -traffic

Most of the time, many owners tends to stick to only one main traffic source rather than diversifying their source through various platforms like an advertisement, social media, and various other modes. You should not solely depend upon a single even if they bring a good amount of traffic and it is a good move to use different sources for marketing as it keeps the traffic percentage steady throughout the month.

Avoid poor quality and less informative contents

You should never add poor quality and less informative contents in your website as it serves as the most crucial item of a website. Maintaining traffic on your site is a tough task, but with attracting content and proper optimization, you can easily achieve the required target. You should always add informative, unique, high quality and attractive article which will engage viewers on your website. Along with these factors, you should always use relative information in your contents.

Don’t add Spam links

Spam links blow away traffic percentage in the website, so it is mandatory that you should insert links in your keyword or pictures that lead to irrelevant sites. Rather you should use this technique and link images and keywords with a legit site that serves the purpose of the viewers. Most of the search engines punish website using spam links by removing them from the search index list.

Not use the same keyword again and again

Avoid optimizing various pages of website with the same keyword which is a wrong method because it ultimately lowers the traffic percentage. While optimizing your website, you should use the varied relevant keyword in different pages so that you can maintain uniqueness in your website thus allowing your website to receive a good amount of traffic. While using the keyword, you shouldn’t use more than five keywords in the content.

Do not avoid social media

Avoiding social media presence is a major blunder one can do to their website as it serves as the one of the best platform advertisement. Optimizing your website with Google+ and various other social medias will improve your traffic by a good margin as they platform provides huge focus. Using Google Maps for your website is another smart move you can use to gain a lot of attention from your site.

Don’t avoid Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a crucial and arguably the best instrument that helps you read the status of the website as well as optimizes your website. However many people avoid using Google Analytics which often considered as a grave mistake one can make. Google Analytics has various benefits like checking plagiarisms in contents, web traffic in your website, collects data about revenue generated from CTR and also help you to maintain ranking reports.

Timing of opening site

Often people optimize their web page in such a way that it huge amount of time to open which often drives away the visitors. So it is best to optimize the website with useful tools so that it consumes less time and provide a fruitful experience to the visitors.

Allowing guest posting without proper investigation

Allowing guest posting without proper investigation of the post is another mistake. You should stay away from as it often leads to low traffic percentage. Although guest posting helps in building links, gain leads and exposure, but the wrong post can damage the whole reputation.

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