Magic Phone Stand For The SmartPhones

magic phone stand

iPhone had first released in 2007 and changed the world. Actually the era of Smartphone had started from then and also in a tremendous pace. The sheer increment of Smartphones (iPhone and Android) these days, made some inventers to think about the accessories for these phones. Some new and innovative accessories are releasing frequently now days.

Now here is an accessory which has invented by John Stessel with the association of Martinka, (a New Jersey based Museum of Magic) named as “Magic Phone Stand” it makes your Smartphone look like it is floating in the mid air. If someone will see it all of a sudden then he or she definitely get astonished and think it is a magic trick.

The device has already gathered more than $6000 out of its $8000 goal in two weeks via KickStarter. It can be used as a fully functional battery charger too by using the micro USB port of your phone. It comes with both black and white colors and available for both iPhones and Android phones with a micro USB connector for $24 and as per the report it has scheduled to ship from September this year.


One thought on “Magic Phone Stand For The SmartPhones

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